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We Need Your Help!

As we get ready for the May 20, 2023 banquet at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel in Milford, the MHS Alumni Association is looking for volunteers to help with ongoing activities. While the 25-year class manages the banquet, there are other needs to help us build up and communicate with our membership list. Here’s a rundown of where we can use some help.  If you would like to help, let us know by emailing Even if you do not live close to Medway, you can still help as we hold many meetings by Zoom and communicate by email.


Decade Stewards – to identify one class contact from each class across the decades to communicate information through: 1940 to 1959; 1960-1969; 1970-1979; 1980 to 1989; 1990 to 1999; 2000 to 2009; 2010 to 2019; 2020 to current. We hope to find eight volunteers to each take one decade. Each time we have an announcement, you email it to your list of class contacts and ask them to help get the word out through their email lists and social media groups.


Website Content/Design – post new messages and edit existing website content as needed,

rework current website design as needed, and manage our website hosting and content management accounts. This task could be handled by two people—one for content and one for design.


Email – manage our account, sending messages to our members and responding to incoming messages.


Facebook – building up our group members, managing our group page, posting messaging, monitoring and managing posts by members, and responding to requests to join the group.


Twitter – posting new messages, monitoring messages posted about the Alumni Association, and building up our followers.


Community Events – coordinate participation and recruit volunteers for community events such as Medway Pride Day and the MHS Geography B.


Fundraising – coordinate and plan fundraising activities and/or events.


Archive Curation – manage storage of yearbooks at the Medway Town Library and in the Alumni Room at MHS; manage physical and digital storage of photos, memorabilia, and historical records.


Principal’s Council – attend monthly meetings hosted by MHS Principal and attended by parents and teachers to provide input on school activities and provide a report to the Alumni Board.


Board of Directors ­– attend monthly meetings (via Zoom) to help manage the Association, including our annual budget and filling in for any roles as needed. The board consists of seven members elected annually each June.

Leave a message for your fellow Medway High Alumni! 

Note that all comments will be reviewed and approved by the Alumni Association prior to posting.

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