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Class of 1949 Roy Boyd Memorial Football Trophy

Mr. Boyd was an excellent football player: he was offensive player of the year, team captain, team MVP, and 1st team TVL All-Star. He played just about every position including kicker and quarterback. he never left the field on offense or defense. 

Class of 1955
Leo J. Cassidy Memorial Baseball Trophy

Mr. Cassidy was a person who willingly gave of himself to others. He made his mark on the baseball field both at MHS and UMass. He was a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force.

Class of 1968 Glen Mercier Memorial Basketball Trophy

Mr. Mercier was a standout on the basketball court scoring 909 points with a game high of 44.

Class of 1960 Outstanding Girls Athlete Award

In memory of Purdence Winglass, Anne Fotaine Ingoldsby and Susan Robinson Mandeville. All three girls excelled in basketball.

Hockey Sportsmanship Award

Sponsored by the MAHA, given to an athlete who personifies excellence in sportsmanship.

Mark Frascona Memorial Soccer Trophy & Jennifer Frascona Eigenmann Memorial Soccer Trophy

Mark was a 1994 graduate of MHS and Jennifer a 1987 graduate of MHS. Their father John was a girls' soccer coach for many years.

Margaret (Slavin) Slatkavitz Medway High Alumni Association Scholarships

Margaret was a 1934 graduate of MHS and served as treasurer of the Alumni since 1958. She was a dedicated and much loved member of the Association and was very instrumental in continuing the tradition throughout many years. 


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