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Each year, the MHS Alumni Association presents scholarships and awards to graduating seniors. In 2024, seniors will receive $6,000 in scholarships and awards due to the generosity of MHS alumni.


In 2023, six seniors received $500 scholarships:

  • Ryan Shaughnessy (Bentley)

  • Isabel Pobudziej (Emmanuel)

  • Julie Evers (Northeastern)

  • Destiny Ojukwu (Yale)-Margaret Slavin Slatkavitz (Class of 34) memorial scholarship

  • Colin Roberts (UMass–Amherst)-Margaret Slavin Slatkavitz (Class of 34) memorial scholarship

  • Michael O’Neil (U.S. Army)-designated for a graduate who enters the military

Margaret (Slavin) Slatkavitz Medway High Alumni Association Scholarships

Margaret was a 1934 graduate of MHS and served as treasurer of the Alumni since 1958. She was a dedicated and much loved member of the Association and was very instrumental in continuing the tradition throughout many years. 

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