The Medway High Alumni Association is  the steward of the MHS Hall of Excellence, which each year recognizes MHS graduates for their individual or collective achievements in either academics, athletics, as artisans, or as a notable alumnus of our school having made outstanding contributions  throughout their careers and to society.

2021 Inductee

MaryJane Bauer White Class of 1968, for excellence serving the Town of Medway. A lifelong resident of Medway, Maryjane started working in the Medway town offices in 1981 as an assistant town clerk. She was elected as town clerk in 1991 and served in that role for 30 years, retiring in 2021.

2020 Inductee

Michael Vinay Bhatia, Class of 1995, for excellence in service to his country and for his global humanitarian achievements.

2019 Inductee:

Harry T. Johnson, Class of 1952, for his military service and many years serving on various Medway town boards. 

2018 Inductee:

Colonel Michael Matondi, Class of 1938, for his service during World War II and for demonstrating over a lifetime his commitment to serve his country and community.

2017 Inductees:

All 12 MHS World War II veterans who sacrificed their lives for our country during the war:

John Corrado

Lloyd Lincoln

John H. Reardon Jr.

Roy E. Ryan

John Kingsbury

Michael Lotfy

Anthony Renzulli

Raymond C. Shaw

Charles Leavitt

Wilmer Lyons

Clarkson Russell

Edward S. Weitzler